Serving Our Community

Fostering a diverse and inclusive scientific community through outreach to underrepresented groups is at the core of our mission, we can accomplish this by advocating for STEM education access for socially and economically disadvantaged students. By engaging in educational outreach and informational activities, we can raise public awareness of the role science plays in our everyday lives.

Vote for Science

Actively advocating for science by regularly contacting your representatives on a local and national level is a vital step in ensuring that science informs policy. But don't stop there! If you are eligible, vote at every election from school board to presidency.

It’s time we join together and ensure our leaders and policymakers use science to inform their work. Our communities and future depend on it.

Stay Connected

Are you ready to champion science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity? To advocate for its role in informing the policies that shape our present and future?

Make a difference by joining the March for Science Houston community and help us advance science and its role in public life. Be the first to learn about our upcoming events and news, stay in touch by signing up to our Newsletter.

Some of our team is getting ready to head to “Weathering The Storm”, an event to discuss the effects of Hurricane Harvey and how we can better prepare for future extreme flooding events. Join us!

Hosted by taste of science Houston at Sigma Brewing Company from 7-9PM.

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