The movement has just begun...

On April 22, 2017, more than one million people from around the world marched to defend the role of science in policy and society. In Houston, 15,000 showed up to Houston City Hall in support of science. We marched because science is critical to our well-being. We marched for the common good. But there is no reason why our advocacy has to end when the march ended, we can continue to act and let our voice be heard!

Here are some ways to take action:

Recycle - if you live in an area where curbside recycling isn't available, recycle at home. Collect your recycling and take it to a recycling center weekly, to find a location near you click HERE. 

Do Your Part - It takes teamwork to improve communities. The efforts of every person, when put together, have meaningful impact. Participate in events benefiting socially and economically disadvantaged communities, STEM focused nonprofits, recycling and cleanup efforts.

Be A Mentor - Houston PREP is a program at UH Downtown which provides a no cost summer program for socially and economically disadvantaged students at the middle and high school level. College Students can serve as Mentors and Tutors for children involved in the program. Find out more HERE. Email for more information:

Vote For Science - The most effective way to make our voices heard is in the polls, we have the ability to elect officials who will support sound science. To find out how to Register to Vote in Texas, click HERE. Do you know where 2018 Congressional Candidates stand on science issues? Science Debate and March for Science have joined forces to find out. They asked each candidate critical questions about science, energy and climate change. Click HERE to find out their answers.

Contact Your RepresentativesIf you are unhappy/happy about new laws, propositions, projects, bills, etc, let our current policymakers know where YOU stand! Elected officials need to hear from their constituents in order to make decisions. Click HERE to find your Representative and send them a message.

Make Your Voice HeardYour voice matters, not just for yourself, but for every person who doesn't have a voice, who have been marginalized, oppressed and silenced. Attend City Council Meetings, and ask questions. Attend Town Hall meetings and meet the candidates. Stay informed to make educated decisions, share your experiences online, at rallies, events and with family: what can you or they do to support sound science in every way?