Houston, at its core, is a city built on science. From NASA, the Texas Medical Center - the largest medical center in the world, the many world renowned educational institutions that encompass any science field you can imagine, to the oil and gas industry, our region predominantly relies upon science.

The policies adopted in the past year directly affected the scientific community of our city. On April 22nd 2017, our first event, The March for Science Houston, gathered 15,000 people in Houston, with the shared purpose of requesting that citizens, scientists, and policymakers join together to support scientific inquiry, education, and information. Organizations like the Association for Women in Science, the American Chemical Society, and Bayou Preservation hosted teach-ins following the march.  

Student associations from Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine and MD Anderson Cancer Center performed hands on science experiments for children. Speakers Included Dr Ronald DePinho (MDACC), Dr Huda Zoghbi (Baylor College of Medicine), Dr Patrice Yarbough (NASA) and Annika O’Brien, a roboticist, among others. Tulipfinger, a band made up of neuroscientists and science enthusiasts played science covers of popular songs. We hope last year's event will pave the way to a successful organization that will benefit our local community.